Beginning Homeschool

How do you make kids sit down to learn at home? How do parents teach the higher grades? Won’t homeschoolers miss out on socialization? Will it affect their character and social skills? What if I start homeschooling my child after

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Having an opportunity to attend college was one of my experiences that will always have an impact on my journey through life. With that experience and becoming a little wiser (older is a more applicable description), expressing pride in my

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For most of us studying is a complete insult to the brain wanting to do better things with our time. Some of us really enjoy it and get a kick out of it. For me it’s just a waste of

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Are you a college or university student who is looking for an apartment? You may look at apartments owned and maintained by your college or university, or independently owned off-campus apartments. Finding the best apartment for you can take weeks.

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It is up to you what a university degree could mean to you. Likewise, it is also up to you to decide when you are ready to acquire this next educational step – and although the safer, easier, and certainly

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In this the latest extract from the textbook I wrote to help students like you called ‘The Secret Guide To Academic Writing & Study’ I seek to consider the importance that many schools, colleges and universities place upon detailed reading

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So it has come to one of the most important times in your life, choosing weather you should go to university/college. Well it is a nerve racking time for anyone, you have to weigh up so many different costs and

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Getting college scholarship money usually requires you to go through a process of filling out various applications that make you state why you want the scholarship, amongst other things. There are thousands of scholarships out there and they all require

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Education is something that continues from the day we are born until the day we die. In some cases, it’s formal, with definite starting and finishing times and a specific course of study.After high school, some children go on to